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thanks to Kustom kult for the killer guest logo

I was stoked to find this amazing new logo in my inbox the other day! Dave from Kustom Kult Studio in Portland, Oregon is the genius behind this awesome artwork. We love it so much, we're going to use it for a while. Be sure to visit their site and see their incredible portfolio of work. ( We change our logo more often than some people change their underwear, so if you have a vision for our logo you'd like to share, bring it on! Maybe we'll feature your work next. Email me at!

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New Music this week

Wilco fans rejoice! The band snuck out a new album last week titled "Star Wars", and if you don't already have a copy, there is no excuse as it is available for the low-low price of FREE! Get it through iTunes or at From that new Wilco album, Random Name Generator leads off this weeks batch of great new music, which includes new stuff from The Cure's Robert Smith, Awolnation, Chvrches, and an awesome Outkast cover from Surfer Blood, just to name a few!

Title Artist
The Spider (feat. GRETA) All Walls
Run Awolnation
Train Brick + Mortar
Cheap Shades Chris Staples
Leave A Trace Chvrches
Surreal Exposure Ducktails
Mountain At My Gates Foals
Courage Hey Atico
There's a Girl in the Corner Robert Smith
Hey Ya [Outkast cover] Surfer Blood
Make Me Wanna Die White Reaper
Random Name Generator Wilco

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